The Feel Good Effect: Original HP Toner


A successful business preserves the functionality of their greatest assets. You’ve already built that foundation by purchasing an HP printer. Your next smart investment is a no-brainer. Feel good about choosing Original HP toner and give your HP printer the lifespan it was meant to have with the functionality your business needs. Get superior quality, reliability, and the page yield you paid for. Choose Original HP toner and get quality you can count on at a price you feel good about too.

FEEL GOOD ABOUT: HP designing with the environment in mind

HP manufactures Original HP cartridges with new and reformulated plastics. Did you know that sustainability goes beyond recycling practices and includes fair labor conditions, human rights, and environmental performance throughout the supply chain? HP is a leader in sustainability, including the full dimensions of environment, society, and integrity. Experience the pride of making the right choice.

FEEL GOOD ABOUT: HP products meeting safety and indoor air quality requirements

Original HP cartridges are designed to meet strict eco-label requirements for emissions, helping you maintain a healthy office environment.

FEEL GOOD ABOUT: HP offering free recycling and using recycled content in new HP cartridges
The HP Planet Partners recycling program makes it free and easy to return your used Original HP cartridges for recycling. HP uses recycled HP cartridge plastic as raw material in the manufacturing of new Original HP cartridges. HP cartridges returned through the HP Planet Partners program are never refilled, resold, or sent to a landfill.


On the surface, it appears that re-manufactured toner will save money. The Purchasing Department, by trying to save money, ends up costing the company more. It will cost you more long term in dollars, staff time, maintenance and repair costs, and overall business risk. You end up with leakage inside the printer, causing damages and frequent replacements, requiring the printer to be serviced more excessively. Eventually, you end up killing the printer and needing an entirely new machine.

See what MRA International’s CEO – Bruno Tirone – has to say in this short clip revealing the big mistake businesses are making by using non-HP cartridges.

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NOW THINK: Can you afford the cost of using re-manufactured toner for your HP printer?


The risk is not worth the reward. Save time and money by investing in your printer’s life. Original HP supplies are designed precisely for your HP printer — the only cartridges your printer deserves. Don’t make the common mistake of destroying your printer by giving it cheap, re-manufactured toner. Respect your print environment because your business deserves better. Using HP toner for your HP printer means making a smart choice for the long-haul.


Quality and consistency matters. It’s time to ditch re-manufactured toner for good. You’ve invested big dollars on your print environment, so why damage the machine and cost your company more later? Genuine HP toner cartridges are proven to be the most cost-effective toner, delivering high quality prints and designed to work the first time, every time.


With HP’s PurchasEdge rewards program, earn HP printers, scanners, and more when you purchase Original HP supplies for your printer. Earn points toward more than 350 HP products and services and earn additional points for recycling HP cartridges with HP Planet Partners. Learn more.

Don’t get cheated by inauthentic toner. Respect your printer. Break up with your re-manufactured toner today.

Contact MRA International or shop online to maximize your savings with Original HP toner. If you’re buying HP toner anywhere else, you’re spending too much.

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