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MRA is a certified E-Rate Service Provider, eligible for the federally funded E-Rate program. We can assist your organization at the highest level to ensure you get the support you need – simple and cost-effective. From responding to your Request for Proposal to filing for reimbursement, our team of experts will work to maximize your networking and funding opportunities while providing turn-key solutions that have been improving productivity and cutting costs throughout the tri-state and beyond.

We are here for you and your organization, every step of the way.

At MRA International, we are proud to participate in the E-Rate program, as we maximize funding opportunities for communities in need of networking solutions, thus accelerating educational growth and proactively supporting a future of learners.

By offering a solution to accessible telecommunications and broadband, we aim to make a positive difference in learning communities of all sizes. It is our goal to enhance educational settings through technology and impact learning at an affordable level.

Our clients know they can leave the logistics to us.

We are distinguished specialists who maintain strategic partnerships with a variety of networking manufacturers and offer a full line of HPE Aruba networking equipment for your District at exclusive rates that come second to none.

We take pride in being local and accessible to our customer base, which truly sets us apart. From the CEO to top level management – members of our team are always reachable via phone or email in order to meet each client’s specified needs.

We always lead with our clients’ best interests in mind, serving as a trusted and reliable partner who understands their business goals.

We add value by streamlining the process of doing business with multiple manufacturers and work closely with each department to provide guided, turn-key solutions.

As a designated HP public sector specialist, we serve as a purchasing adviser thus negotiating with the manufacturer on our client’s behalf, managing orders and suggesting product substitutions when appropriate. We proactively anticipate potential issues and are committed to always finding the right solution for our client, no matter the challenge.

If your district is buying Eligible Internal Connections, why not utilize the E-rate program?

  • Discover how the annual budget for technology refresh can be leveraged using the E-Rate program
  • Learn how much funding is available to your organization

When you’re ready to get started, contact us to discuss your E-Rate project or to inquire about our eligible E-Rate services. We are always here for you at sales@mrainternational.com or via phone at 732-222-0997 | (866) 519-1555 (toll-free).

Explore E-Rate opportunities today, with the Public Sector’s Premier Technology Provider